Engaging Discovery

We actively seek to understand the needs and desires of our clients, while helping them formulate focused and actionable objectives to help them be successful.

Dynamic Process

We engage in a logical and adaptive process to provide our clients with the best opportunities to successfully achieve their objectives. We will leverage our experience and knowledge to set our clients on a path of success.

Passionate Discipline

Accomplishing goals takes time and perseverance. We are dedicated to helping our clients meet their goals and will provide ongoing guidance, support, and most importantly, discipline throughout the journey.

Impactful Results

The results that our clients receive are those of a well thought out, actionable plan that was allowed the time and due attention to achieve. No one knows what the future holds, but we expect that being prepared, focused, and resolute affords our clients the best chance to thrive.

As a fiduciary, we will always remember that at the core of every investment decision we make is a client who has entrusted us with the management of their assets in pursuit of their dreams. Our actions will always be in the best interest of our clients, as their success is also our success.

Our Mission:

Canyon Creek Investment Advisors’ purpose is to provide our clients with the greatest opportunity to achieve their financial goals through authentic investment management, professional financial planning, and consultancy services.

Simplicity over Complexity

Studies find that individual investors significantly and consistently underperform equity and fixed income indexes because they attempt to 'time' markets, maintain inconsistent asset allocations over time, and trade too much (especially during periods of market volatility). We believe that having a clear plan, an adaptive process, and an investment portfolio that is purposefully constructed are key factors in meeting long-term goals.

Our Process

Our process is designed for you

You are not static, so why would your plan be? We provide our clients with an iterative process of planning and implementation through time and as needs and situations change.

What We Offer

Professional services to meet your goals

Some advisors offer a seemingly endless list of services. We believe the adage “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies to advisory too. Thus, we focus on just three areas - investment management, financial planning, and consultancy. In doing this we believe we can provide our clients with highly professional services that deliver results.

Who We Serve

Professional advice for all types

How are individuals, companies, and foundations the same? They all need objective financial advice and a partner that will help them meet their investment and financial goals and objectives. We offer our services to many types of clients including: Individuals, Families, Companies, Nonprofits, Boards, and Foundations.

How is Canyon Creek Investment Advisors

different from other advisors?

We Are Objective & Independent

Unlike some traditional advisors, the type and quality of the advice we provide our clients is not motivated by corporate commission structures, sales targets, or the initial capital placed with us. We are independent and believe we will be successful if our clients are successful. Thus, we believe in long-term investing and holistic planning, and we seek clients that have a similar philosophy. We provide our clients with authentic investment management driven by an investment policy statement that is client specific and methodically reviewed and updated as their needs and situations change through time.

We Are A Fiduciary

As a Fee-Only Fiduciary, we have a duty to our clients and what is in their best interest. We do not participate in commission structures for upselling or product placement. We believe such incentive structures create a “sales culture” that distracts advisors’ attention away from the true needs of the client. The fees we collect are simple and transparent. We believe there is beauty in simplicity, as it leads to more genuine advice tailored to the individual client.

We Are Client-Centric

Other advisors offer highly commoditized solutions (or models) that encourage advisors to force clients into boxes that are convenient for the advisor, and not necessarily the client. Often these solutions are vastly overused, expensive, unnecessarily complex, and usually require very little actual investment knowledge from an advisor to sell. We think this is backwards. Solutions need to expressively meet a client’s needs first and foremost, be adaptable to account for other outside holdings, address ESG considerations, be tax aware and mindful of other constraining factors that are unique to the individual client.

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