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Dynamic Process

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Our investment processes are iterative and centered around our clients and their goals and objectives. While other advisors try to fit clients into boxes that they "sell" and predefine for their convenience - we don't. We engage with our clients to understand their current situation and aspirations before suggesting a course of action.


During the planning phase we work with our clients to understand their unique situation and objectives.


Using the components captured in the planning phase, an investment policy statement (IPS) is developed for each investment relationship. 


Your investment portfolio is designed to consider the components identified in the planning phase and implemented according to the client’s investment policy statement.


Below are some of the important areas that we consider in the planning phase of our process. These and other inputs identified in the planning phase are incorporated into the Policy and Portfolio components of our process.

Goals and Objectives

We work with our clients to identify, prioritize, and update their goals and objectives.

Time Horizon(s)

Understanding the timing of each goal and the flexibility of that timing is an important input in the planning process.

Cash Flow Profile

Gaining an understanding of the sources and needs for cash; as well as the timing, predictability, and amounts of cash flows is crucial.

Risk Inventory

Investment involves financial risk. Understanding a client's need to take risk, ability to take risk, and tolerance to endure investment risk-taking is an important input to portfolio design.

Unique Circumstances

Portfolio and investment constraints can very widely from client to client. Understanding such constraints and circumstances early in the investment cycle is important in determining if we can accommodate the client's requirements.

ESG Preferences

Our platform allows client's the option to identify a variety of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics that they would like considered in their portfolio. ESG alignment of the portfolio is reported as a letter grade in client reports.


The investment policy statement (or IPS) is an important component of our process, as it captures the material facts, unique characteristics, and objectives of each client. It is essentially the instructions on how the client’s financial assets should be managed. As with most important documents, the investment policy requires periodic review and updating to encompass the changes in time and situation that we all experience.

Investment Policy Statement

At the core of each investment relationship is an investment policy statement (IPS) that is used to encapsulate the client's investment requirements, objectives, and asset allocation details.

Strategic Asset Allocation

A strategic asset allocation is a long-term allocation that is expected to have a risk and return profile that is both within the client's risk tolerance and provides a reasonable chance of meeting the client's investment objectives.

Tactical Allocation Preferences

Some clients may prefer that their advisor be more active in shifting a portion of their strategic investment portfolio toward specific factors, sectors, or other market characteristics.

Spending & Savings Policy

For many of us, we need to consistently contribute to our retirement assets to meet our goals. Likewise, in retirement we will likely need to be mindful of our spending and donations to ensure we maintain the standard of living we want.

Capital Gain & Loss Budget

Wealth is usually built by holding assets that have appreciated significantly over time. Many times these asset positions become concentrated positions with large unrealized gains. Working to reduce concentration risk in a tax-efficient manner takes time and planning.

Portfolio Rebalancing Policy

Rebalancing investment portfolios periodically helps keep actual asset allocations in alignment with the portfolio's intended strategic allocation.


The ‘magic’ of investing comes from compounding returns. Such returns are only possible through disciplined long-term and purposeful investment in quality assets. There will undoubtedly be many future periods of fear and euphoria in the market, but a portfolio built to be aligned with needs, preferences, and long-term goals of the client can endure the bumps and reap the benefits of compounding.

Portfolio Development & Construction

Using the information captured in the Planning and Policy phases, we will construct an investment portfolio that is suited to the client and their needs.

Portfolio Analytic Reports

We offer full reporting transparency. Our platform offers a robust set of standard and customizable statements and portfolio reports. These reports can be generated by the client or advisor, and can be scheduled to be electronically delivered to the client on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Account Statement Reviews

We are always available to review account statements and reports. All new clients will be offered a live statement walk-through after they receive their first account statement. All clients are welcome and encouraged to schedule a call or meeting if they have statement questions.

IPS Compliance Review

We periodically review each client's investment policy statement to ensure that it is up-to-date and that the investment portfolio is in alignment with the parameters set by the IPS. Major life events may prompt a more detailed review and update.

Goal & Objective Progress Review

People invest to grow their financial assets to an amount that will allow them to actualized their goals and objectives. Periodic reviews and updates on the progress of these targets will help clients stay on track and stay focused.

ESG Alignment Review

Staying invested and investing in what you believe in does not have to be at odds. Alignment of ESG preferences and the necessary asset allocation requires periodic review and good reporting - our platform and process allows for both.

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