Investment Management

We believe that the path to building and maintaining wealth is through consistent and purposeful long-term investment in financial markets. By definition, the future is unknowable to all of us, thus, we can only prepare for what we believe will happen, while always being ready to adapt when needed.

Consistent & Measured Allocation:

We believe that, in the long-run, time in markets is the most important factor to meeting investment objectives. While consistent long-term exposure to risky assets (e.g. stocks) is crucial to compounding wealth and exposure to diversifying assets (e.g. investment grade bonds) is necessary to controlling portfolio risk; being cautious or advantageous in a measured and systematic manner during periods where markets are overly optimistic or pessimistic also can provide value.

Asset Quality Always Matters:

We believe that every asset within your portfolio serves a role and purpose to help you meet your investment objective(s), and the quality of these investments matters. While markets, asset classes, and investment styles ebb and flow throughout time - quality investments tend to consistently provide results that meet or exceed the results of their peers over the long-term.



Trading is the mechanism that converts an investment plan into an investment portfolio, and is key to gaining exposures to assets and markets, managing risk, maintaining/adjusting portfolio allocation, and managing capital gains taxes. While some platforms make trading seem ‘easy and fun’ the reality is that haphazard and/or excessive trading is costly both explicitly (e.g. commissions and realized capital gains) and implicitly through portfolio turnover and inconsistent or unintentional asset allocations.

Financial Planning

Regardless of the stage in life, having a financial plan can help you chart a course to the things you want and need, while showing you the estimated time and resources needed to reach your goals. We utilize MoneyGuide Pro® to construct and update your financial plan and can provide planning services on a singular or on-going basis.

Online Plan Access and Review

For clients that choose to engage us on an on-going basis, we provide online access to their financial plans through MoneyGuide Pro's Client Portal. Clients can review their plans at their convenience, and schedule a meeting or phone call when needed. Clients that engage us for a single financial plan will have limited access to online services.

Linking for Automatic Financial Updates

For clients that choose to engage us on an on-going basis, we provide optional financial and investment account linking with Yodlee through the MoneyGuide Pro portal at no additional cost. With Yodlee clients can link their accounts and create a more complete financial picture. This option is not available to singular plan clients.

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to our clients on an as-needed or contracted basis. From a second-look at an investment policy statement, an ongoing financial and economic update, to holistic portfolio analysis and more - we are here to meet your unique financial needs.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Services

We offer investment policy statement (IPS) drafting, revision, and compliance review services on a fixed or hourly basis. A free initial consultation is included with this service.

Portfolio & Asset Reviews

Want a second look at your current portfolio held at another advisor, institution, or employee retirement account? We provide portfolio and asset reviews for held away assets on a fixed or hourly basis. The initial consultation is free of charge.

Investment and Economic Research

We can provide investment and economic research on a regular or singular (ad hoc) frequency. The initial consultation is free. If engaged, services can be provided on a fixed or hourly basis.